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      Sharing IoE and Guarding the Smart World

      Fueled by powerful mobile application threat intelligence network

      Product Service System
      • Security Detection
      • Security Reinforcement
      • Security Awareness
      • Security Management
      Security Detection

      Security detection platform can exploit security loopholes, performance and coding defects in system’s source code, mobile Apps, server and Web Apps with strong security analysis engine and security loophole detection rules.

      Security Reinforcement

      Comprehensive reinforcement protection technology for enterprise mobile application services.

      Security Awareness

      Real-time App threat data monitoring and risk warning.

      Security Management

      MSOC platform can optimize business security handling processes and eventually form real mobile service risk management by considering relevant factors.

      Top 10 Core Security Products

      Cutting-edge next-generation smart security products that help enterprises to transform from passive response
      to active approach in security protection.

      iJiami’s Advantages
      Cutting-edge technologies, insightful expert team and professional & fast response service that bring first-class security experience to users.


      The industry-leading 6th-generation security technology provides our customers with the best solutions.


      Comprehensive security ecosystem that incorporates early protection, threats big data analysis and forecast capability.


      The first to support the latest Android 8.0 system, model compatibility up to 99%, memory usage controlled below 3%, inclusion incremental at ±5%.

      Service Commitment

      Fast service response commitment, systematic technical knowledge transfer solution and sound after-sales services.

      Market Validation

      We have won the trust of over 2,000 industry clients & 500,000+ developers and have accumulated abundant security protection experience in the industry.


      Nearly 30 corporate and product qualifications, over 10 patents, and service capabilities acknowledged by authoritative institutions.

      The preferred mobile security brand of 500,000+ developers.
      Over 1,000,000 Applications and 900,000,000 mobile terminals under our protection.